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Welcome to The Cultural Hybrid


The Cultural Hybrid is a platform devoted to connecting and cultivating a dynamic and diverse community of storytellers.


We’re a creative storytelling platform whose main aim is to share stories – so you can tell yours. We unearth how people rewrite themselves and take you along the ride. It might be bumpy, but we promise to share in the wonderment of what it means to be thyself.


Created by Didi Onwu a self-proclaimed Cultural Hybrid, TCH (as we fondly call it) is an extension of her curiosity of how people like her and those she has yet to meet, discover who they are. In their own way. And of course, in their stories.


We tell stories in all its forms. On camera. On paper. But most of all, we are a community for you to just be you


For the folks that love photography, design, and storytelling this site is for you. For the folks who couldn’t care less – your story is here too. Keep scrolling.

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